SARBE Military Personal Distress Beacons

Military ImageSARBE has been developing and manufacturing life saving Locator Beacons since World War II. Since then the SARBE name has become the standard by which endurance and performance are measured. Our extensive range of Personal Locator Beacons, Emergency Location Transmitters, and Submarine Locator Beacons is in Tri-Force use on every continent. Armed Forces, expeditions and other personnel engaged in hazardous pursuits know they can rely on SARBE to ensure accurate location and fast recovery.

Our Search and Rescue equipment continues to evolve utilising the very latest production techniques and technology. As can be seen in our latest product, the G2R, we continue to develop innovative and dependable location beacons.


SARBE 10 Submarine PLB

The SARBE 10 SPLB is a new survival radio designed specifically for use by submarine crews. The beacon is designed for immediate activation prior to commencement of the escape procedure to ensure that the SPLB is transmitting on reaching the surface.


SARFINDSARFIND, the SARBE GPS decoder, provides the user with a position and identity readout of up to 64 individually tracked beacons. SARFIND may be programmed to decode either standard SAR transmissions or Combat mode transmissions.


SARBE G2R-ELT Used on its own or to supplement an existing fixed ELT. G2R-ELT is a flexible and economical survival aid providing an essential lifeline if the unexpected happens.


SARBE G2RGlobal Reach & Recovery - World Emergency Locator and Communicator

Introduction to G2R

Innovation, quality and flexibility are built into the G2R. The most advanced product ever to bear the famous SARBE name brings a new level of performance to the Personal Locator Beacon.


SARBE 6-406G is the direct replacement for the popular SARBE 6 that has been in production since the 1970’s.
Although primarily used by Pilots and Aircrew, Personal Locator Beacons are also used widely within maritime and land environments giving personnel the ability to send a distress alert from anywhere on the earths surface.