fixed wing

Fly safe with the Kannad Aviation range
of Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs)

In many countries an ELT is not mandated for GA aircraft, and some people will argue that carriage of a PLB is a better choice. However, pilots should be aware of the limitations of PLBs, in that they require manual activation. If you and your passengers are unconscious as the result of an impact, there’s nobody to alert the emergency services and get help on the way to you. A fixed ELT will get things moving quicker and help prevent an accident becoming a tragedy.

Kannad Aviation offers a choice of two ELTs for General Aviation fixed wing aircraft, the COMPACT and the INTEGRA.

The COMPACT is the standard 406/121.5MHz ELT. The INTEGRA adds GPS and an internal 406MHz antenna.

Antennas Remote Control Panels

Automatic Portable version of the INTEGRA


Providing a continual and ongoing source of GPS data to the revolutionary INTEGRA ELT.


All the features of the compact plus GPS and internal 406MHz antenna.


Designed for all light aircraft requiring a very compact automatic fixed ELT without breaking the bank.